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It's Time For Tea!
Sorry ppl, Friends Only 
15 Jul, 2010 - [sticky post]
Friends Only


This blog is Friends Only. If you want to read more about me or ask a question just put a comment here =)
Este blog es Sólo Para Amigos. Si quieres leer más sobre mí o preguntar algo, sólo deja un comentario aquí =)

16 Jul, 2011 (UTC) - Books
I was on a blog name the lost library and i saw a comment that you make where you said that you have the books of lemony snicket and i was wondering if you could, if is not too much trouble, send me the books to my e mail. black.lilith@hotmail.es
Thank you very very much.

19 Jul, 2011 (UTC) - Re: Books
Hi Rose!
I just send you the books =)
I hope you like them =)
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